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A look back at TV viewing in lockdown

Authors: OPTS AV Team

As the world returns to some sense of normality and TV consumption returns to pre-lockdown levels, we can now look back at the trends that dominated lockdown and post lockdown viewing habits.

Viewing by Genre Shake Up

Whilst most genres experienced higher viewing when compared to 2019, some felt the effects of lockdown far more than others:


As government instructions became mandatory regarding lockdown rules, viewing of news began to dominate, taking a 22.2% & 22.3% share of viewing in the initial lockdown weeks. This decreased throughout lockdown as people wearied of bad news, however it has remained higher than pre lockdown levels.


Before lockdown, sports made up 8% of viewing time. This fell to 1.7% in lockdown (still surprisingly high and helped by reruns of classic tournaments). This viewing time bounced back to 9.5% with the recommencement of the Premier League and other live sports.

What this means for Samsung

With live sports and big budget productions returning, it is essential that for Samsung we maximize presence in these genres.

While the trend for August 2020 was that viewing habits would remain similar year on year, regional lockdowns have resulted in higher TV consumption (linear and non-linear) in places such as Manchester. As future lockdowns are likely to become commonplace for the remainder of the year, retaining a strong presence in TV will ensure remaining front of mind in a time when TV becomes the centre for entertainment in the UK.

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