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Building B2B human connections during a recession

Authors: OPTS B2B Planning Team

It was announced last week that the UK is officially in a recession for first time in 11 years, with the recession defined as two consecutive quarters of economic decline, since 2009. Businesses as a result will be grappling with the unprecedented and have demanded a ‘no surprises’ approach from the UK government following complaints of mixed messages and a lack of communication. It was outlined that the collapse was driven predominantly by the closure of shops, hotels, restaurants, schools and car repair shops.

As a result of the uncertainty, there has been an acceleration in progress towards a more empathetic, human to human approach by B2B marketers to help build connections. Research from LinkedIn has shown that 38% of B2B marketers have adapted content or creative to be more emotional and human-centric in nature. Businesses are turning to brands where they feel supported as they continue to test and learn how to best adapt to the new normal to help them get back on their feet following the pandemic and during a recession.

Brands must remain sensitive to the situation and ensure that measures are in place to help their customers. For example, businesses should ensure that webinars are in place of face-to-face presentations, and that most importantly brands must be responsive to all customers, regardless of the channel they choose, to build trust and ensure they feel valued.

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