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Covid-19 and the changing Search behaviour

Authors: OPTS SEO Team

Covid-19 has brought in a seismic change in our lives since March and our online behaviour has shifted along with it, with experts indicating most of these new behavioural patterns are here to stay. Google has gathered some of the immediate changes they have seen so far in consumer behaviour and they indicated some of these habits would be part of our lives after Covid-19 too.

To begin with, more people are using multiple devices. Stay at home guidelines have made people spend even more time online and this has shifted the way they use their devices. The amount of content consumption has increased by 60% in the US.

Along with media consumption, searches around critical information such as medicinal guidance and grocery deliveries increased significantly. Besides these topics, people have looked for information on cooking.

Staying apart from their loved ones led consumers to search for virtual connections. Online video meetups such as virtual happy hour have become a staple of lockdown life. On YouTube, people have searched for “with me” along with daily activities like cooking, cleaning and studying, to find companionship while doing these tasks.

Covid-19 has affected daily routines as well, with people moving their outdoor routines into their homes, searching for items such as stationary bikes or dumbbell sets.

Finally, self-care has become even more important during this time. Searches around meditation increased by 50% year over year. In addition to this, games to play and colouring have increased as well.

Some of these changing habits will influence how people navigate the online world in the future. Samsung can also take actions on these points to offer value to its consumers. These actions could be around extending the content offerings, solidifying multi device experience and making sure new routines are addressed with existing products, such as working out from home.

For further information, the full report can be accessed from here.

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