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2020 Trends for Samsung

As part of the OPTS insights team, we’ve reviewed multiple 2020 trends reports (source list below), and picked out the key trends that we believe are relevant for Samsung this year. We’ve summarised the trends and provided the implications below.

Product reviews impact purchase decision:

Writing and reading product reviews is bigger than ever, particularly among younger generations (54% of Millennials say they write product reviews at least once a month*)

Samsung-specific insight: Samsung UK’s Kantar ComTech survey confirms the importance that reviews have in the smartphone customer decision journey, where review sites were the second most common pre-purchase research touchpoint (after manufacturer website)

Samsung implications:

Currently: Samsung UK is driving richer experiences within review sites, with formats such as rich media assets and expandable units

Next Step: Determine messaging approach that best fits the review environment

Thought-starter: Capitalise on current popularity of reviews and rewards and encourage consumers, particularly Millennials, to leave reviews in return for rewards

Consumers expect rewards:

As consumers better understand the value of their attention and data, there is an increased desire to be rewarded for it. However, consumers want real value. Loyalty cards are on the out as their perceived value is in decline. Instead, it is better to reward people for more purposeful behaviour such as leaving reviews. Most consumers would now rather get a free gift than a loyalty card.

Samsung-specific insight: A survey of 1,690 Samsung smartphone owners suggested that a free gift would encourage engaged audiences to purchase. While free gifts may not be the primary purchase driver, they might tip a customer over the edge to buy.

Samsung implications:

Use free gifts or a rewards programme to encourage consumers to buy direct. Incentivise home appliance and TV purchasers to register their device by offering rewards Reward shoppers who leave product reviews online

Everyone loves audio:

Audio has become omnipresent. Podcasts haven’t just seen an exponential rise in listeners, but have also become a trusted marketing channel. The influence of podcasts is undeniable; Gen Zs and Millennials think music streaming has a bigger influence on their lives than Instagram.

Samsung implications:

Develop podcast-specific audio ad content. Recognise the differences in audio streaming and podcasting platforms and relevant formats. For example, Spotify provides some innovative opportunities to use audio on their platform (e.g. Snickers ‘Not yourself when you’re hungry’ ads.) Samsung UK is currently discussing running podcast ads for the Trust campaign and potentially creating more innovative podcast marketing, such as owning or partnering with a podcast, for the Not A School campaign

Sustainability integrates into our daily lives:

There has been a shift in focus from general interest in understanding the overarching concepts of sustainability to a focus on what individuals can do to help climate change and be more eco-friendly in their daily lives. Consequently, there is a need for brands to support consumers in their individual ambitions to live more sustainably.

Samsung implication:

Determine how eco-efficiency and the new EU energy grading system should be incorporated into Samsung home appliance messaging as a way to inform consumers how they can be more eco-friendly at home by using Samsung appliances. Test eco-efficiency messaging later this year.

Consumers want to experience a brand:

Redefining physical spaces as hangouts will see a boom this year as brands try to create a more enriched shopping experience for the consumer. Consumers, especially Gen Zs and Millennials, prize meaningful experiences above transactions, signalling that the experience a brand provides is just as important as the product itself.

Samsung implication:

KX is already ahead of the trend as it serves as a space for consumers to engage with the brand. Focus on creating more collaborative experiences.

*Foresight Factory ‘Trending 2020’ report

Source list:

Mintel ‘Consumer Trends 2030’ report

Foresight Factory ‘Trending 2020’ report

Zenith ‘The View 2020’ report

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