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Glastonbury's Shangri-La joins the flurry of virtual live events with the Lost Horizon festival

The creators behind the Shangri-La experience at Galstonbury have revealed their fully interactive and multi-stage event which will be streamed live on Beatport and Twitch in July. 

Typically, Shangri-La is an outdoor art gallery, however, with Glastonbury cancelled, the Lost Horizon festival will be moved online and will feature four VR stages with a line-up of more than 50 music acts and more than 100 DJs and artists.

Digital festivalgoers can explore the virtual world and interact with each other, experiencing different vantage points like in a video game, with computer-generated avatars and green-screen "hologram" performances created using Sansar.

This gives fans a beyond-traditional way of engaging with art and music, expanding experiences to the next generation of festivals and live events. Furthermore, tickets to the two-day event are free, with the audience encouraged to donate to The Big Issue and Amnesty International via the VR and streaming platforms, plus the Lost Horizon website.

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