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How can DOOH have a real effect upon consumer behaviour? - Ocean

This week, OPTS asked Ocean, “Out of Home has transformed over the last few years with digital becoming front and centre, and technology, data and infrastructure now seamlessly coming together. How can advertisers utilise these developments beyond something superficial, to have a real effect upon consumer behaviour?

We are living in an age where the screen predominates. And within that world, digital out of home (DOOH) is a channel that has the capability to do all of the things offered by other media be it television, social or mobile.

However, with premium DOOH, advertisers can connect with consumers at scale, achieving 100% punch through impact that gets them noticed, all delivered in a brand safe and trustworthy environment.

The Power of DOOH

DOOH has the unique ability to respond in the moment because the screens are digitally based. And the message can be either one to many, or one to one.

Spectacular DOOH creates global impact, demonstrated most recently by messages from Her Majesty the Queen which were carried on the Landsec Piccadilly Lights. This idea was created in house, the idea was sold to the Palace who saw the power of it, and the Queen’s messages on the screen subsequently featured on the BBC and broadcast channels across the world.

Alternatively, advertisers can take a very localised, community approach, using screens in high footfall locations on networks like The Grid or Loop to trigger content based on the make-up of audiences in a specific location based on their gender, age or mood. The Collections on key vehicular routes can be used to display assorted real time messages powered by local data such as the weather, road conditions, air quality, day part.

DOOH can even target individual drivers based on the make, model or colour of their car. Ocean’s pioneering Vehicle Detection Technology (VDT) offers bespoke targeting allowing brands to reach the right audience at the right time, with zero wastage. This isn’t just important from a media efficiency point of view, but we know the relevancy of those ads also means your target audience are more likely to remember, delivering that all important cut through.

Ocean has been establishing a new space in DOOH by developing a new creative palette of technologies including vehicle detection, mid-air haptics and LookOut, taking the medium to a new level. The technical prowess of full motion DOOH networks, many of which are supported by dedicated fibre lines and super-fast wi-fi, delivers a seamless connection with out of home audiences. And this is redefining human engagement.

We know this because research studies using neuroscience have demonstrated the powerful interplay between DOOH content and adverts and how they work together to grow brand affinity and awareness.

Neuroscience was initially used to establish how full motion large format screens deliver memory encoding which correlates with subsequent consumer purchase behaviour, and how premium DOOH screens actively prime wider media ad campaigns.

Then research using eye tracking technology was commissioned to show how screens with long sight lines in prime locations which combine live streamed, dynamic content with relevant advertising, drive up effectiveness five times as opposed to pure ad play alone.

For advertisers, associating with highly compelling content in a relevant out of home environment allows for a much closer relationship by appealing to consumers on a local and, or, a personal interest level.

So whether it’s through live sports or national events, entertainment or DOOH activations using smart tech to serve clever creative, advertisers have new opportunities to engage with customers which will have a really positive effect on future behaviour.

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