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How can we help businesses prepare for future disruption and growth in the new working normal?

Authors: OPTS B2B Planning Team

In the new post-pandemic world, businesses have had to rethink operations, culture and even customer relationships to ensure survival and continued growth. For many businesses, this has meant a rapid digital transformation.

When it comes to preparing for future disruption and growth, businesses are both waiting for the economy to rebound whilst also looking to take a proactive approach. Digital transformation has played an important role, with businesses relying on their technology partners to provide solutions in an ever-changing world. In the new reality that we are all facing, businesses must remain active in their search for solutions to ensure that current strategies do not go stale.

As we know, content is king, even more so with the world constantly changing and adapting to the new working normal.

Therefore, Samsung should consider the following when thinking to tackle business issues:

  • Does your content address the larger changes in the industry?

  • Does your content speak to all the different decision makers, from IT to C-Suite?

  • Do you have enough content and is it varied enough to ensure you are speaking to different decision makers, at different stages of their journey? From research to purchase?

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