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It's beginning to look a lot like...

Authors: OPTS Home Planning Team

IT’S CHRISSSSTMAAAAAS! Well, no not really. But it might as well be, because we’ve been gifted lots of insights around what Christmas 2020 might look like for both consumers and advertisers.

A Publicis Media Omnibus study looking at attitudes towards Christmas demonstrates that media habits are expected to continue to evolve as we near the big day, with consumers being 37% more likely to watch live TV this year, and half of the population agreeing that TV content this Christmas is more important than ever. With more eyeballs expected on this year’s line-up of blockbuster ads, it’s interesting to note that a OnePoll and Truman Films survey found that there is an increased desire for authentic advertising this Christmas, with 3 in 4 hoping to see real lives depicted as opposed to fictitious characters (please don’t take it personally Kev the Carrot), with a third of consumers saying they would feel less positive about a brand that spends a lot of money on Christmas TV ads considering the impact of the pandemic.

Looking at purchasing behaviours, perhaps surprisingly, Yieldify found that only 18% of consumers claim they are intending to tighten the purse strings this Christmas, with 34% intending to increase their festive spending. This comes as a third of e-commerce brands intend to opt-out of peak seasonal campaigns due to expecting poor year-on-year performance as the nation’s finances took a hit throughout the pandemic. Despite this, the proportion of shoppers spending mostly or solely online is expected to rise by 8%.

Source: Publicis Media Omnibus, OnePoll and Truman Films, Yieldify

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