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Search update: Discovery ads

Authors: OPTS Search Team

One of Google's newest Search features is Discovery Ads, a native ad placement that appears across multiple Google feed environments (Google Discovery Feed, YouTube feed and within Gmail). To do so, you begin by uploading a landing page, at least one image, a brand logo and up to 5 headlines and description lines. Combinations of the ads will then be displayed, using Googles Machine Learning, across multiple placements, to establish which ad resonates best with the consumer.

We tested Discover Ads during Note20 launch, targeting both Remarketing lists and Google's “Custom Intent” audience segments. Specifically designed as a tool to reach higher to mid funnel consumers, it was a fantastic way for us to garner extra quality traffic, helping us to deliver 30,000 new users to site. Not only did it act as a traffic driving tool, but also helped generate a significant amount of revenue (£24k) at a ROAS of £2.18. Below are some screenshots of the ads in situ:



Next Steps for Samsung

As Discovery ads are still relatively new to market, placements are relatively sparse. However, we expect this to grow significantly over the next Quarter as they become more ubiquitous with advertisers. We are currently working with Google on a new beta for Custom Audiences that will allow us to leverage our existing Keyword data to build even higher quality audiences and drive higher quality traffic. Watch this space!

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