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The Top 5 Hottest Advertising Trends for 2021

Authors: OPTS Planning Team

As 2020 comes to an end and we head into the new year, let's look at the top five key trends that are expected to shape the advertising industry throughout 2021.

5. Customised Advertising

Also known as personal advertising, customised advertising refers to the capability of showing a customised ad to each target audience you are perusing. As customers actively dislike being exposed to generic adverts, they perceive personalisation as both attractive and engaging. For this reason, it is expected that businesses will take full advantage of customised advertising in 2021.

4. Video Advertising

Video advertising is certainly not new to the market, but with the internet and technology constantly evolving along with the expectation 2021 will bring new ways to communicate, video advertising is expected to remain as one of the biggest digital ad tendencies of the new year.

3. Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is guaranteed to be one of the main trends next year. Particularly amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen people spending even more time connected to their phones and other mobile devices than ever before.

2. Display Advertising

The incorporation of using video in ad banners, as well as the use of liquid skins, is a growing trend heading into 2021, with strong evidence suggesting it significantly increases customer engagement. For instance, Bannerflow recently reported that display ads that feature videos can boost CTR by more than 15%.

1. Programmatic Advertising Delivered Through AI

The biggest advertising trend that 2021 will reveal is likely the explosion of programmatic ads via artificial intelligence (AI) to automate ad purchases, allowing brands to target even more specific audiences.

In addition, as the range of channels used for reaching customers grows, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Managing programmatic platforms through artificial intelligence solves this problem as they use targeting signals and real-time adaption for individual ads or campaigns via any channel.

What does this mean for Samsung?

With more opportunities than ever to have targeted conversations with both potential and existing customers through the utilisation of relevant and bespoke content, it’s essential that Samsung utilises the advances in advertising technology to engage with their audience.

Link to the full article here.

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