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TikTok – What you shouldn’t be doing

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

In a great sponsored article on Campaign last week, TikTok outlined how not to use the social platform, flipping the rule book on how best practice compares to other channels. With 7 rules, the article highlights in length generic rules for social that do not apply for TikTok, key takeaways below –

Rule #1 Land the brand within three seconds – no longer necessary, but creativity is key. Create a trend users can engage with and video view through will naturally occur

Rule #2 – Design for sound off – TikTok is not a passive experience but one that pulls users in, lean into the creative freedom of the platform to maximise connection with users

Rule #3 – Gen Z and millennials have the attention span of a… – wrong, if good content exists they’ll engage, sterile corporate key visuals will not work

Rule #4 – Brands will always have to compete with other content – wrong, formats like TopView videos guarantee brands millions of views over 24-hour periods and full frame content ensures total attention

Rule #5 – Bank on high video production costs – say goodbye to large set design costs, focus on the content and personality you want to promote

Rule #6 – Chase followers and likes if you want to be discovered – TikTok’s algorithm actively works to make sure your brand’s content is only viewed by users who find it interesting and are most likely to engage

Rule #7 – Lean-back vs lean-in viewing? – lean in, the experience demands attention. It’s captivating and encourages creators to take it, rip it apart and rework it

You can read the article in full here.

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