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Virtual reality adverts?

Authors: OPTS Partnerships Team

With the world on lockdown, we’ve had to quickly adapt to living life remotely. Some elements were quick and easy to swap out - Board rooms to zoom calls and gyms to online work out classes (thanks Joe Wicks!). Other experiences have been harder to change.

With live concerts and festivals cancelled all across the globe, the entertainment industry has taken a huge hit. What’s the solution? VR concerts.

MelodyVR are the only fully licensed virtual reality platform in the World with exclusive label agreements that allow them to capture, broadcast and build – what is today – the world’s largest catalogue of live music in virtual reality. They are entirely end-to-end (or as they like to say, ‘glass to glass’). From the moment they capturevideo with their bespoke camera technology, right the way through to delivering it on headset or phone, MelodyVR own the entire process.

In the brand space, they have worked with and have partnerships with the likes of O2, Oculus (featuring in their TVCs), ABC’s Good Morning America (Live broadcast of their Summer Concert Series here and here) and many more…

What does this mean for Samsung? Well think big…

  • Think of creating a bespoke VR ad that allows you to ‘Play’ with the latest phone or tablet.

  • Can’t go to KX? KX can come to you - in virtual reality!

  • Host pre-show experiences aligning your brand with popular talent (at home packs, VIP access, greenroom experiences) to in-show (sponsored jump spots, branding throughout the show) to post show (virtual meet and greets).

  • We have even discussed a live broadcast of virtual reality TVC with artist performance (Think how cool this would be for the Inspired By… Music camera campaign!)

The opportunities are endless given the medium they operate in!

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