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What the death of cookies means for Samsung

Authors: OPTS AAI Team

The industry has talked about the need to move away from cookies for about 10 years now. But the move has become real since 2017, with Apple’s introduction of ITP. Now we expect cookies to be nearly dead come Q1 2022. As an industry, we have until then to create an alternative solution to identifying users, sharing segments across tools, and measuring the effectiveness of our digital media. This benefits giant players that can create people-based solutions, like Facebook, Google, & Amazon. But it also benefits companies with significant market penetration and with many customers that sign up for their CRM programmes, like Samsung.

OPTS has shared an initial POV with a working team and will be sharing with a wider audience soon. We have an opportunity to use our first party data to create a core of addressable users that can be leveraged across channels. A core that then partners with point solutions to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the users that want to engage with us and have opted into our communications. Higher relevance for the customer, a consent-based environment, and improved targeting for Samsung. A win-win.

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